Ford Puma Racecar

More modifications to the Puma.

Fitting the Racing Puma bodykit required cutting out the original rear arches and extending the inner arch out to meet the new outer arch.

The drivers side was quite straightforward, as it just required a strip of steel shaping to fill the gap and welding in place.

The passenger side, however, had the fuel filler neck mounting to deal with. Once the old neck assy had been removed a similar strip of steel was shaped to fit up to the neck position, then a separate, wider piece made up to cover over the hole. Then the new outer arch could be simply bonded and riveted into position.


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Relocating the fuel filler inside the car required the filler neck being enclosed inside a fireproof enclosure.

Here are some pics of the filler poking through the floor panel, and the construction of the enclosure complete with latch to keep the lid closed.