Van Diemen chassis

20161017_173422          20161017_173325

Here’s a Formula Ford chassis I had in recently.  It’s had a hard racing life from the look of it!


20161017_173209 20161017_173228

I made up a new floor section from 1″ square tube.


Old floor section cut out and new section clamped in, then brazed together as per the original.

20161110_115119 Part of top rail replaced also and brazed in.

20161111_124024 20161111_160243

New seatbelt threaded inserts fabbed using the original as the pattern.


New floor panel welded on and to the belt mounts. Mountings for the side mounted coolant radiators added too.

All ready for the powder coaters.

Battery bracket.

A Simple little job from the other day.

20160823_144333 20160823_144403

A Battery hold down bracket in a customers race car.


All done except paint and a bit of plastic edging strip.

Renault Clio Cup race series

20160218_092530 20160218_103549

Inbetween fabrication projects I’m busy looking after this car in the Renault Clio Cup UK, driven by Dan Zelos and run by Ciceley Motorsport. The same team runs Adam Morgan in the British Touring Car Championship in his Mercedes A class.

20160508_102051 20160507_145856

Here we are at Thruxton Race Circuit.

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Ford Puma Racecar

More modifications to the Puma.

Fitting the Racing Puma bodykit required cutting out the original rear arches and extending the inner arch out to meet the new outer arch.

The drivers side was quite straightforward, as it just required a strip of steel shaping to fill the gap and welding in place.

The passenger side, however, had the fuel filler neck mounting to deal with. Once the old neck assy had been removed a similar strip of steel was shaped to fit up to the neck position, then a separate, wider piece made up to cover over the hole. Then the new outer arch could be simply bonded and riveted into position.


20160129_152231 20160202_14091820160127_123032  20160118_151048 20160120_115930 20160120_145158 20160121_155943 20160121_170325 20160123_133223

Relocating the fuel filler inside the car required the filler neck being enclosed inside a fireproof enclosure.

Here are some pics of the filler poking through the floor panel, and the construction of the enclosure complete with latch to keep the lid closed.

Harness bar


Hi everyone.

New for this season is the requirement for rally crews to wear HANS  (head and neck support) devices.

This may entail modifications to the rollcage fitted to the vehicle as the shoulder straps need to be level or a max downward angle of 20° behind the seat.

This rallycar is in the workshop for the fitting of a bespoke harness bar to meet the new regs.

In this pic the new tubes have been cut and notched to fit neatly in between the current cage tubes. They will be fully welded and then the shoulder straps of the harnesses can be looped around them.

Check yours before the season starts!





Harness bar all fitted, along with some loops to stop the harnesses sliding about on the bar.


20141015_125312 20141015_125250

This headlight mounting had seen better days. So I made a new one.   Simples!

Rollcage fitting


A couple of little details of a cage I fitted to a 4 door saloon.

To add a little additional rigidity I attached the cage to the B post (top & middle) with a couple of neat fabricated gussets. This is in addition to the six feet mountings and A post gussets down the side of the windscreen pillars.


Cheers Shortly.

Talbot Sunbeam


Generally my preferred way of working underneath – no more lying on the cold floor!

This Sunbeam has just received some new sills and jacking point.

Sierra Cosworth Racecar


This is the fuel tank I’ve fabricated for a customer’s Sierra racecar, which incorporates a sump underneath so it doesn’t need a separate fuel swirl pot and pump. The enclosure in front of the tank is for the dry sump oil tank, with a hinged lid for access.


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